We Want YOU!

We want YOU!

Ahead of the IGM, we’ll be taking nominations for our society’s Executives. The Executive positions that we will be electing during the meeting are as follows:

– President
– Vice President
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Events Coordinator

All positions will need to be filled in order for us to get the University of Sydney¬†Motorcycle Society running! If you believe you’ve got what it takes to fill one of the above positions, feel free to nominate yourself by emailing me at tlar0672@uni.sydney.edu.au

Please note that all nominations, whether they’re made before or on the day of the IGM, will need to be seconded during the meeting itself in order to go to a vote. The sooner you can get your nominations in, the better.

Anybody interested in potentially running for one (or more) of these positions is welcomed to get in touch with me prior to the IGM to get a bit of an idea as to what each role will entail. Whether you ride a LAMS motorcycle or the latest and greatest litre-bike, it doesn’t matter; I’d like to hear from passionate individuals looking to keep the society fun and active!


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