SUMC Is Official!

Big news ladies and gents… Following one final meeting with Clubs & Societies, we’ve finally got something to share with you all…

The University of Sydney Motorcycle Society (SU Motorcycle Society) is official. We’re a registered club. This is a huge accomplishment that would never have been possible without the support of many of you.

This means we’ll have USU funding behind our events, merchandise, and so much more. We’ll also be working to introduce bolstered security for motorcycle parking (on campus) as mentioned by James late last month. Come O-Week 2016, we’ll be signing up new members, in person, at our (sure to be epic) stall.

We’ll be taking on members before then as well; we are presently in the process of finalising the membership application process. We’ll be posting an announcement when this is ready to go!

Thanks everyone; we did it!

SUMC Facebook Banner


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